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The Sunshine Series

Reusable Cotton & Hemp Produce Bags

Reusable Cotton & Hemp Produce Bags

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Women Owned | Eco Conscious | Small Batch | Social Good | Organic

Single use plastic is a problem. Snag a set of our reusable produce bags and be a part of the solution! Light weight & highly durable, these bags are perfect for the farmers market, grocery store and bulk bins.

  • Each Set comes with 7 bags: 4 certified organic cotton mesh bags allow fruits and veggies to breathe and 3 durable hemp bags ensure your grains and trail mix stay put.
  • Each bag is labeled with it's tare weight to make checkout easier and ensure you're not paying extra for those pine nuts!
  • Also perfect for the beach, pool, travel, packing, baby items or the car.
  • Food Safe. Dye Free. Cinchable. Unlined. Biodegradable. 
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